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A short side note: please, if you find a video here that is irrelevant or has been deleted, please tell me in a comment below. Thank you!

Here, I will post all the mini games, maybe a few tips, facts, and a few cheats, also, the games are almost listed in an order from most effective coin earning, to the least effective (or defective). This is the exact order that I personally think is best from most effective to the most defective:

Single Player Games:

  1. Cart Surfer & Pizzatron 3000
  2. Astro Barrier
  3. The Jet Pack Adventure
  4. Thin Ice
  5. Bean Counters
  6. Ballistic Biscuit
  7. Paint by Letters
  8. Treasure Hunt
  9. Ice Fishing
  10. Puffle Roundup
  11. Catchin’ Waves
  12. Aqua Grabber

Multi-Player Games:

  1. Sled Racing
  2. Mancala
  3. Find Four

Games for Fun and Not For Earning (In Order From Most Fun To Least Fun):

  1. Snowball Fighting Tournaments
  2. Hockey Games
  3. Snowball Fighting

Table of Contents:

Minigame Facts and Cheats by Freeze602: Minigame Basics

The Moderators, Famous Penguins, and Friendly Penguins of Club Penguin

The Basics

Secret Rooms

Famous CP Character FAQ

Puffle FAQ

And at the end of each Mini Game post, I will give the game a mark of coin earning, and how fun it is out of 10:

Cart Surfer:

-Amazing Coin Earning

-a easy way to get a LOT of coins in this game is doing the following pattern:

Backflip (down arrow and then space) and then 360 (space, while still in mid air left/right arrow rapidly till’ you reach a turn) (an easy way to identify which way and when it is coming is the yellow signs at the side of the tunnel), then do grinding on the turn (down arrow, and then press the direction you are turning), keep repeating till’ you get to the 4th or 6th turn (preferably 6th, but I don’t really care) turn since the start of the game, and if you still have lives left, crash there and keep repeating the pattern till’ you don’t have any lives left, then continue the game using the same pattern.

-easy to finish

-needs a reward though

-if you are the colour light green when you start the game, you might get a bit more coins, black makes you get less coins (yes, the colour matters)!

Trick List (they made 2 new ones recently) from most points to least points:


↑=Up arrow key ↓=Down arrow key ↔=left/right arrow key spc.=Space Bar pts.=Points

Here is a walkthrough of the game, using the same strategy as explained above, however, this still uses the old Cart Surfer Route, but you can use the same strategy on the new track anyway (skip to about 0:55 if you want to see the game immediately, and sorry about the bad graphics):

And here is the map for the easy route. This is no longer useful because…they changed the track route! Ohhh…curses!(special thanks to holagurrl25 for it):


Coin Earning: 1.3/10 if you are a begginer, 6.7/10 if you are intermediate or advanced, and 20/10 if you are an expert (maximum mark) Fun Level:9.1/10 at start, gradually losing a marks as you keep playing the game

Astro Barrier:

-very fun, tests your witts

-AMAZING coin earning if you do it properly

-even more effective then Cart Surfer if you’re good at it (I am, but don’t misunderstand, I’m not bragging)

-at the starting screen, if you press 1, you will go to level 10, press 2 and you will got to level 20, and press 3 and you will go to the 30th level!

-secret levels, and expert levels

After you beat the 10th level, wait at the orange barrier introduction screen for about 30 secs. and a blue ship will appear, shoot it and you will go to the secret levels. Expert levels are found the same way, except do the same thing on the screen after you beat level 30! Warning: this is super hard and only very smart people can figure it out. As I said, this is a strategic game!And when you beat the expert levels, you will be sent to a screen with barriers with 500 on it that don’t move. Shoot all 5 and for each one you will get 50 coins. You will finish the game. You should get like 750$ if you played the whole game. The game will take 5-30 mins.(yes, I know, that is a long time range possibility) in total.

Oh! Almost forgot! I found some videos on how to beat the Expert Levels, Secret Levels, and beat the entire game of Astro Barrier! Here they are:

Expert Levels:

Secret Levels (skip into the video until it is about 2:25 if you just want the Secret Level section):

Complete Walkthrough (no secret/expert levels):

Still coming soon (please help find it)!

Coin Earning: 3.5/10 if you are beginner, 5/10 if you are an intermediate, 9/10 if you are advanced, and 11/10 if you are an expert Fun Level:10/10

Pizzatron 3000:

-tests your reflexes

-nice music, graphics, and design

-the controls could be better though

-on the starting screen, if you click on the red dot on the lever close to the end of the machine and start the game, the ingredients will turn into sweet stuff! This will get you double the coins for every perfect pizza! Here is a picture of where to click:


Here is the video of Regular and then Candy Mode, so you can tell the difference:

-very fun

-if you are good at it, amazing coin earning

-every 5 pizzas you make in a row with no mistakes, you get 5 more tips, and in Candy Mode, 10 more tips!

-if you get no mistakes on Pizza Mode, you get 1085 at the end, no mistakes on Candy Mode, then you get 1285 COINS!!! That’s alot don’t you think?

-if you use and play Pizzatron 3000, then you get a longer conveyor belt, which means more time to fill the order! But the downside is you have to put more sauce on…

-a way to make the order easier is this:

As soon as the order board changes to a new order, click and drag the cheese/sprinkles (depending on which mode you are in, regular or candy mode) out of the screen (the side where the pizza dough comes from) and let go, and when the dough gets into the screen, the topping should be on it!(This works with everything else, but doing it for cheese/sprinkles is best, and you can do this on the regular screen ONLY!)

Coin Earning: 4/10 if you are begginer, 6/10 if you are intermediate, and 9 to 9.7/10 if you are advanced or expert, or if you got the secret level Fun Level:20/10 (best mark possible)

Bean Counters:

-pretty fun

-If you beat the game (5 trucks/levels) you get an extra 60$ for being a good employee

-probably get around 325$-400$

-wierd music

-funny weight levels (when you carry 1 bag, you get a little unsure, 2, you start gasping for air, 3, you get scared, 4, you start sweating, 5, if you don’t unload, your gonna get crushed!)

-if you unload the bean sacks after the truck is unloaded, you get extra points!

Here is the complete walkthrough of Bean Counters:

Coin Earning: 7/10 Fun Level:6.5/10

Paint by Letters

-very, very fun and creative

-great design

-simple yet attractive game objective

-easy for anyone to play

-HILARIOUS illustrations no matter what choices you make

-finally a way to reward fast typers

-money is always a flat rate per book

-no music

-few choices

-really fun overall game

-here is a very in-depth walkthrough to find all the hidden coins for Burnt Out Bulbs:

And you can switch from this guide to the game at anytime if you forget, because if you didn’t already know, it doesn’t matter what your WPM (words per minute) is. Here you go, and have fun! On the first page, right after you type the phrase “all the lights burned out”, click and hold onto the puck and flick to the left, right off the page, causing it to go out of the page and reflect back, bringing a bonus coin. Click on it, finish the page, and before you do ANYTHING, mouse over to the upper left corner of the picture, causing the hidden coin to appear, click on it, finish, and continue to the 3rd page. On the third page, click on the lid of the piano as soon as it appears and fling upwards, making the lid open, revealing a coin right behind the handle. Finish, and keep going to the 4th page. On the fourth page, type to the part where the clock appears, then click on the door where the bird comes from, it pops out, and when it does, INSTANTLY, AND I MEAN IMMEDIATELY, click on the coin below its chin before it disappears, oh, and just a reminder that you MUST, AND I MEAN MUST, PICK THE OPTION FOR THE DJ IN THIS GUIDE IN ORDER FOR THIS TO WORK!! Next, you proceed to the hardest part! Here’s what you do: in this scene, there is a penguin standing there in the attic on top of a wooden floorboard (it appears as if he/she is standing on one, but when you drag the first board, there follows 3 more). There are four of them, so flick them each in this respective order: right, left, up, and down. Remember, it MUST be done in this order! Then, click on the coin that reveals itself in the lower right of the ground! If it does not work the first time, try a few more times! On the next page, if you picked the DJ, simply click on all of the 6 dance floor tiles until the colors match the first 6 tiles of the puffle picture (not the puffle itself, but the background of each tile). If done properly, the tile door will open and reveal a coin! On the last page (at least, the last page with a coin), type until the end (when the lights start flashing colors) then, DO NOT turn to the next page yet, instead, click on the hockey circle beside the penguin, lift it up a bit (DO NOT FLING IT) and quickly click on the coin stuck to the bottom of the circle. Turn to the final page and finish it. If done properly, you will get the full 800 coins!

-a good friend of mine kindly made a walkthrough of it for me, so have fun with it:

Coin Earning: 4.6/10 for My Puffle, 8.2/10 for Burnt Out Bulbs Fun Level: 16.5/10 for any level of playing (in MY opinion, since I LOVE to type)

Treasure Hunt:

To get to the game, you have to get Rockhopper’s keys, so go to the Book Room, and read or skip through his journal. On the last page, there is a key. Take that, go to the quarters, and you can start playing (note, you can use the key as a pin, too)! I put this multiplayer here instead of the multiplayer section because it involves getting money fast, and its actually decently fun (which most multiplayers in CP don’t have). Basically what you do is Player one sweeps one row of sand away to try and find treasure, while Player 2 does it vertically. Here are the values:

Well, clearly, Emeralds are quite rare. Each player gets 6 “digs” a game (so its a fast game), so getting 100 coins+ would certainly be sweet. You can easily get close to how much you get in Cart Surfer at this rate, but not more. I have suspicion this game is only open for when the ship is here, but I hope they “move” a couple game boards to the HQ like they did to Mancala to the Book Room. Anyway, its certainly a good game.

Heres an emerald close up so you don’t mistake it when you see one:

Photo Gallery:

Here’s steps to find the key:

  1. Go to Book Room>Library

-no music

-good design

-temporary (?)

-fun, fast way to earn money

-appealing look

-multiplayer, both sides gets even amount of coins

Coin Earning: 7.3/10, depends alot on luck Fun Level: 6.7/10, remains constant

Ballistic Biscuit:


-decent music and SFX

-too many unnecessary levels, normally can get through about 10-15 or so

-newb friendly

-here’s a hint for members:

If you have 300+ coins, I would strongly encourage you to go the the Sports Shop and purchase one of the Wake Boards because Wake Boards enhance your Ballistic Biscuit Gameplay by adding more points to each obstacle you jump!

Coin Earning:6.1/10 (add 1.0 if you have the wake board) Fun Level:7.1/10 (add 1.0 if you have the wake board)

Catchin’ Waves:

-tough to master

-good challenge

-nice graphics and good music

-good “mode” selection

-good instructions layout

-creative design

-some tips for you:

A nice tip is that if you use a RED PUFFLE, and a Red Puffle only, you can get a couple more points, and shoot the tube is lots easier (your puffle can do the shoot the tube then). I don’t know more tips, but a least favoured one is don’t do FLIPS! They take really long and it isn’t worth it. Also, try not to get in the air too much if the wave gets too close to you, as that will make you splash into the water. To make the most points the quickest way, get really far from the wave. Afterwards, get out of the wave (don’t go too high) then hold on an aerial trick while holding down the left mouse button. When you land, you will start grinding. Grind until it is absolutely impossible to do it any longer. To jump and land back on your grind (without making your points go into the score already), let go and your penguin will slightly go in the air and if you click back on the left mouse button quick enough, you will keep your grind and points with it. Another strategy is not to use Competition or lesson mode. Freestyle and Survival are sufficiently more efficient in earning coins. Also, if you are a member and have 400+ coins, stop by the Sports Shop and buy a Surf Board! This is because if you wear it while entering the game, you can use that board and enhance the gameplay by giving more points in aerial tricks/flips and grinds, and give you a slight speed bonus! Also, if your a real pro at the game, and you have 800+, go onto the surf board page and click on the penguin standing with a surf board on the shore, and he should be holding a daisy surf board. After that, click on the star fish and the clam on the shore beside him, and he will hold a silver surf board and you can buy it for 800 coins. The controls on this one are a bit more touchy, but they give you slightly more bonuses on aerial tricks/flips and grinds then the other 400-dollar surf boards, and a slightly larger speed bonus.

Here is an okay tutorial of Catchin’ Waves. The guy didn’t finish it; the end is there just – abruptly:

Here is one for the more beginner type. It explains all the tricks quite good, but its missing grinding basics and the flipping:

Coin Earning:2.5 if beginner, 5.3 if intermediate, and 9.5 if a advanced or experts player (add 1.0 if you have the surf board) Fun Level:14.3/10 (its quite decent, and add 1.0 if you have the surf board)

Thin Ice:


-fun arcade game, if played properly, medium good coin earning game, and WAY better than Ballistic Biscuit, but if played poorly, a very bad game for coin earning

-nice design

-graphics could be better though…

Here is a video of the COMPLETE WALKTHROUGH!!!

-a nice secret hallway; just folow this picture on the 19th level and you will get it! The secret hallway appears when you follow that picture, then coin bags will appear, 1 for every perfect level you get:


It’s a place with so many money bags and stuff!

Coin Earning:5/10 for begginer and intermediate, 8.9/10 for advanced and expert players Fun Level:7.7/10

Ice Fishing:

-exciting, fast game, quite simple as well

-easy to play

-needs more levels

-needs a more promising reward (right now, it’s catching the big red fish at the end of the game, this is how you do it: play until the end of the game, catch a fish you think might be the last one, if it is, put it in the water and wait for the big red fish to come, it should bite the fish, and a cut scene will appear with you tugging it up, and you get 100 bonus coins), and the other one is the gray fish, members only. Just buy the special rod in the Sports’ Shop and then catch them regularly like other fish, but they give you the score of 4 fish instead.

Here is the video (it doesn’t view the whole game):

Coin Earning: 4.9/10 Fun Level:9/10

The Jet Pack Adventure:

-very simple, fun, and enjoyable

-well designed

-a bit too hard for lvl 5 (it’s like a MAZE)

-WAY too difficult reward conditions, I cannot emphasize that enough (you have to complete all 5 levels without touching a single coin, and you have to hover over the landing plate until you have no gas bonus points before you land, VERY upsetting if you screw up on Level 4 or 5, and the reward is 1000 coins, or you could have just collected all the coins and gotten 800 in total [way easier])

-follow the glow of the lanterns when you get to the cave levels (4 & 5); they guide you to the landing pads!

-the signs with a “!” on it seems dangerous, but if you go the way of those signs, they lead you to a place with a lot of coins!

Unbelievably, here is a video of someone got the 1,000 coin reward!

Part 1#:

Part 2#:

Part 3#:

Coin Earning: 0/10 if you try the reward thing and screw up, 4.5/10 if your a begginer or intermediate, and 9.1/10 if you are an advanced or expert player Fun Level: 14.5/10

Aqua Grabber:

-neat game with simple controls

-pretty short

-decent-bad coin earning

-weird music

-Walkthrough and tips: Right before I start, I’ll tell you that you can make your vehicle go right through the net, so if you are out of oxygen, don’t worry about going all the way around the net; just go straight up, drop, and up for air! I’ll start the items from left to right. The rudder is the easiest to find…just right below the net. Next comes the treasure chest, just on the lower right of the net, beside some coral. Still pretty easy, right? Gets harder now…you need to go really deep down in the lower left to grab the anchor, resting between two pieces of seaweed. A very useful tip that you are probably going to need to use: there is a volcano-rock beside the anchor area, and it constantly brings bubbles out, use it as often as you can in order to not have to surface every one in a while. For the next two, the steering wheel and the diary, I suggest finding them and then putting them in an easy-to-reach place. The steering wheel and the diary is at the very bottom right. There, you will see two tube-like things rising upwards. The one closer to you is the steering wheel (I suggest getting that first), while the farther one is in the farther hole (you must go into the hole-like thing above the diary to get air before going down (MUST). Remember, put it down somewhere easy-to-reach before heading for the diary. Get some air, then head to the hole beside it to grab the diary and head up yet a bit more, to the dome like thing and grab air before going to grab one of the two objects and going to the net one at a time. AND REMEMBER! Don’t rush, because there isn’t a time limit. Afterwards, when you win, click get pin to get the Golden Steering Wheel pin and your 250 coins!

-watch out for mullets and small fish

-in order to get the clam’s shell, wait for it to fall asleep, then it will open, grab it, and make sure not to wake it up!

-extra treasure jests at the lower areas

-bring a Pink Puffle to aid your breathing!

-just for fun, lets view some of the beta Aqua Grabber ships!

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-Here’s a complete walkthrough I found on YouTube:

Coin Earning: 4.5/10 There really is no difference in coin earning. 250 coins and a pin. Always. Fun Level: 17/10 Really creative and fun game.

Sled Racing:

-well designed

-good for newbs only

-Bunnyhill would be my best choice because of this:

If you start the sled race (this only works on Bunnyhill), if you are the penguin further away from you (if you don’t know what I mean, then forget about this), then press the left arrow key, if you are the one closer to you, then press 2 right (I’m not sure if this is true, but it seems to me you are never the penguin closer to yourself) and you should never trip!

-make sure you get every ice patch, because they give you a temporary boost in speed; here are all the locations of the ice patches:

Here are videos of people going through Ridge Run (whoa!) and Bunnyhill (big deal!) without falling:

Ridge Run:


Coin Earning:3/10 Fun Level:6.2/10, gradually lowering


-a decent game

– needs more boards

-too complicated for anyone other then the people who already know the rules to bother with the game

Complete walkthrough:

Other Multiplayer Games:


-way too little coins


-no way anyone does it to earn money

Money Earning:-5/10 Fun Level: Anywhere between 3/10 and 8/10

Puffle Round Up:

-worst game EVER

-there’s even a way to loose money (whoever wants to know, ask me)

-hard (a little)

-little or no coins earned

-worse game in the history of Club Peng…no… worst game in history!

-but you can become an employee and earn 100 coins for free every week! Here’s how:

Play puffle round up and don’t let any puffles escape for 20 games in a row, a screen should pop up asking, “would you like to be an employee?” click ,”yes” and you should become an employee!But I am not sure if this is true!

Coin Earning:-50/10(worse than minimum mark, which is -20/10) Fun Level:-20/10

Find Four:

-nice thinking game

-not the kind of earning game that you would want


Here is a video of the easiest way to win:

Coin Earning: -50/10 Fun Level: 4/10, gradually getting worse

Snowball Fighting and Snowball Fighting Tournaments:

-Here’s all you need to know about Snowball Fighting:

You can snowball fight by bringing a group of friends to the Snow Forts, choosing teams, Red or Blue, and just take cover under your respective fort, and start firing! (you don’t get any coins for this game!), also, sometimes they host Snowball Fighting Tournaments, and those are when you come together with a group of friends, make up a name, go to one of the rounds, and start fighting with the opposing team! The winner gets to advance though the 2nd round, 4th, 8th, 16th, quarterfinals, semi-finals, and finally, the Grand Finals! Winner gets a HUGE popularity, however no coins…I don’t play in any team…but I’m really good!


-here are some hockey must-know basics:

You can play Hockey by going to the Ice Rink with a group of friends, choose teams, Red or Blue, and you can start your own miniature game of Hockey, this game does NOT get you coins, but maybe in the future (they are also planning on bringing back the scoreboards!)

The 7 Missions’ Solutions:

Mission 1#:

Mission 2#:

Mission 3# (note the combonation number for the vault always changes, and you don’t always get the Night Vision Goggles as an item, so if you don’t, go to the HQ and go right until you get to a desk with many books and a map with a flashing light, and click on the purple high-tech flashlight to get it):

Part 1#:

Part 2#:

Mission 4 (note that the route for reaching the penguins are always different, so you’ll have to guess around with it [it helps to write down the route that is right]):

Mission 5# (this one’s a bit tough):

Mission 6# (this one is pretty funny, but easy):

Mission 7# (this is a good one, my fav):

Or, if you hate the way I insult some of the games, here is how the Club Penguin Team likes to put it (note that the Club Penguin Team’s version doesn’t give out the game cheats [such as the Big Red Fish, or Candy Mode, etc.], so this is better for the real beginners, while mine is for people who know all the basics written below, also I deleted the pictures because they were pointless and they took up too much space). Also note that I messed up the few splotches of color there below!:

Please Ignore
Please Ignore

Mini Games

About Mini Games

About Mini Games


Where to find it:
At the Ice rink.Object of game:
Get the puck in the net. The first person or team to get 10 goals, wins.How to play:
Move to the puck to shoot it. Move in the direction you want to go to aim it. The closer you are to the puck when you move to it, the shorter the distance it will go. If you move a longer distance to get to the puck, it will move further and therefore rebound more. Playing Ice Hockey you do not earn coins.

Cart Surfer

Where to find it:
In the mine (in the underground).Object of game:
To do as many tricks as you can without falling before you get to the end of the tunnel.How to play:
To lean left, hold down the left arrow key; to lean right, hold down the right arrow key. When you see a curve coming, lean into the turn or you will lose your balance and fall. The up and down arrows will change how you’re riding the cart. Press the space bar to jump. Combine keys to get new moves and earn more points. Be careful though – if you do a trick during a turn, you’ll crash!

Find Four

Where to find it:
In the main floor and attic of the ski lodge.Object of game:
To stack four coins of the same color in a row, either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.How to play:
Click on the slot that you would like to drop your coin in. The player to get four of their color in a row first, wins.

Ice Fishing

Where to find it:
In the ski lodge at the green door.Object of game:
To catch as many fish as you can.How to play:
Move your mouse up and down to raise and lower your hook. When you see a fish, lower your hook to the fish to catch it. Raise you hook to above the ice, and left-click to release the fish.You must have a worm on your hook to catch a fish. To get a worm, raise your hook above the water level and click.Barrels and boots can kick fish off of your fishing line. Jellyfish, sharks and crabs will cost you a worm if you let themA can of worms will give you an extra life.For every fish you catch, you receive one coin at the end of the game. If you catch the big fish, you get an extra 50 coins!

Astro Barrier

Where to find it:
In the Lounge on top of the Night Club (arcade machine)Object of game:
You must shoot all the moving targets.How to play:
Press the left and right arrow keys to move your ship. Press the spacebar to shoot. If a target is hit, it becomes a wall, making it harder to shoot the other targets. (Be careful! You have limited bullets!)

Bean Counters

Where to find it:
In the Coffee Shop (java bags) Object of game:
Bags of coffee beans will be tossed out of the back of the van. You must catch them and stack them on the red platform.How to play:
Move your mouse left and right to move your penguin and catch the bags.Click the left mouse button when at the red platform to drop off the bags, if you have any.You can hold more than one bag at a time, but watch out! If you hold too many bags at once, they’ll be too heavy for you to carry!Every bag you deposit adds points. Every bag you miss subtracts points. The more points you have in the end, the more coins you’ll get!If you see the face of a penguin in a yellow star thrown out of the back of the van, catch it! It will give you an extra life!If you get hit by an anvil, fish, or flowerpot, or if you try to carry too many bags, you’ll lose a life.There are five trucks. If you unload all of the trucks, you will get bonus coins.


Where to find it:
In the Book Room on top of the Coffee Shop.Object of game:
Each player attempts to collect as many stones as possible before one of the players clears his or her side of stones.Each player has a side of the board (top and bottom). The six holes nearest each player belong to him or her and their large holes, or “Mancala”, is to the right.How to play:
Players alternate turns. In his or her turn, each player selects a group of stones from one hole on his or her side of the board. Each stone is dropped one by one in the holes around the board, including his Mancala, but not the opponent’s Mancala.Free turns:
If the last stone lands in the players’ own Mancala, that player gets another turn.Captures:
If the last stone is dropped in an empty hole on the players’ own side, he captures all the stones from the opponents hole directly opposite that hole, including his stone.How to win:
The game is over when a player has no more stones on his or her side of the board. The winner is the player with the greatest total of stones in his or her Mancala and any remaining stones on his or her side of the board.

Puffle Roundup

Where to find it:
In the Pet Shop (which is in the Plaza); click on the door marked ”Employees”.Object of game:
To catch the puffles before they run away!How to play:
Move your mouse around, ”herding” as many puffles as you can into the brown pen. The round ends when all of the puffles have either been captured or have run away.Your score will be based on the number of puffles you can catch within the shortest amount of time.

Jet Pack Adventure

Where to find it:
On the upper level of the Lighthouse.Object of game:
To complete the flight course and collect coins.How to play:
Use keyboard arrows to navigate with your Jet Pack. You can fly forward, backward, up and down. To complete each level successfully, collect the extra fuel cans and extra jet packs as you see them. Explore the space above and below to find coins.Obstacles are everywhere throughout the course. Avoid coffee bags, anvils, trees, water and any other objects. If you crash or run out of fuel, a parachute will guide you to a safe landing.Each level increases in difficulty. At the end of each level you can choose to continue flying or stay in the area you landed. Extra fuel in your tank will earn you more coins.

Thin Ice

Where to find it:
In the Lounge, located in the upper level of the Night Club, and next to Astro Barrier.Object of game:
To solve each maze and earn coins by melting tiles of ice without getting trapped. There are 19 mazes. Extra coins are rewarded for players who melt every tile in each maze.How to play:
Use keyboard arrows to make a path through each maze. You can move up, down and straightforward, but not backwards. Certain tiles will help you complete each stage. Look for moveable tiles, they are a darker color; warp tiles, they are green; and twice-over tiles, they are white. Some levels require a key to unlock the maze.Earn extra coins by melting each ice tile on more advanced levels.

Pizzatron 3000

Where to find it:
In the Pizza Parlor. Click on the door next to the cash counter.Object of game:
Use the Pizzatron 3000 to make fantastic and tasty pizzas, penguin style. Earn coins according to how many correct pizzas you make.How to play:
Drag and drop toppings that match the pizza shown on the order screen. Speed and accuracy is needed. You must make the pizza in the amount of time it takes the dough to move across your screen. Some pizzas need multiple toppings and others are simply sauce and cheese. Speeds vary according to how many pizza you get correct. If you fail to make a pizza correctly, you will be required to remake it. If you make more than 4 mistakes it’s game over.

Catchin’ Waves

Where to find it:
Click on the surf hut at the Cove.Object of game:
Surf and earn points by performing as many tricks as you can before the end of the wave.How to play:
Choose a surf mode. Freestyle mode is great for developing individual style and practicing moves. Choose Competition mode for an extra challenge; penguins must impress judges by performing tricks the judges announce at the beginning of each wave. There are different waves in Competition mode.Combine use of the mouse and keyboard arrows to surf the wave. Experiment with keyboard combinations (up, down, right, left or WASD) to do tricks. Use the mouse to control speed, balance and general movement. Move the mouse up and down slowly to carve, move left to lean back and right to lean forward. To increase your speed, lean forward and down. Lean back to regain balance if you start to wobble. To balance your penguin in mid-air and while landing a jump, hold down the mouse button.Move the mouse above the wave to jump. To flip, make circular movements with the mouse while jumping; be sure to keep the mouse on the screen. Do tricks in mid-air to perform spin moves. Hold the mouse button down to grind on top of the wave after a jump.If you bail, a lifeguard will set you up for another wave. You can wipeout up to three times before it’s game over.Read instructions before playing to find more game tips.

Sled Racing

Where to find it:
Top of the ski hillObject of game:
To get to the bottom of the hill first!How to play:
To join a sled race, walk to one of the runs. Click ‘yes’ on the screen that asks if you would like to play sled.The race will begin when there are enough players for the game. Some runs only need two players; others need three or four.Once the race has begun, use your arrow keys to move left and right in order to avoid obstacles along the way.

Ballistic Biscuit

Where to find it:
At the dock in the boatObject of game:
You are tubing from the back of a boat; you must avoid the debris along the way, or you’ll fall off your tube and into the water!How to play:
Use your mouse to move left and right across the water. Click to jump over obstacles. You get more points for jumping over an obstacle.Warning: you cannot jump over buoys.

Haha! I bet you liked my version! Though they have pictures, I have video walkthroughs, plus I have the cheats in the games (or as some people call it, the “prizes”)! But it doesn’t hurt to read it now does it?

The Moderators, Famous Penguins, and Friendly Penguins of Club Penguin

Posted by freeze602 in Game Basics and Intermediate Facts. add a comment , edit post

These are the Moderators and Famous People in Club Penguin (these are just the ones I know, so if you know anymore, please tell me):


  1. Billybob
  2. rsnail
  3. Happy77
  4. screenhog
  5. gizmo
  6. and in a way, Rockhopper (arrrrr!)

Famous People/Penguins:

  1. bingo
  2. jason8
  3. freeze602 (me!)
  4. alex1018
  5. yaypuffles
  6. crazieshado(now banned forever)
  7. rockhopper
  8. all the moderators

Friendly People/Penguins:

  1. rockhopper1
  2. billybob1
  3. billybob
  4. all the moderators
  5. freeze602(me!)
  6. saligatorias
  7. yaypuffles
  8. Happy Sumo
  9. Holagurrl25
  10. vital viper
  11. jar
  12. clayton
  13. billgreen
  14. The Fire Admiral
  15. Car23 trey10(that is 1 penguin)

If you ever see any of these guys, ask them to be your buddy!(P.S no offense to the penguin/people who didn’t get posted)

The Basics

Posted by freeze602 in Game Basics and Intermediate Facts. add a comment , edit post

Here are a few must-know Basics about Club Penguin:

Walking:You use you mouse and click somewhere to walk

Sitting:Press “S” when your cursor is not in the chat bar

Dancing:Press “D” when your cursor is not in the chat bar

Talking:Go into the chat bar, type what you want to say and press enter, or simply use the Safe Chat Menu at the Menu Bar

Waving:Press “W” when your cursor is not in the chat bar

Waddle On!

-from Freeze602

Secret Rooms

Posted by freeze602 in Game Basics and Intermediate Facts. add a comment , edit post

Here are some of the locations of secret room in Club Penguin:

Ice Berg:Click on the ice berg on the very right side of the screen on your map

The Dojo:Click on the tip of the 1st mountain from the right of the Ice Berg

The Mine Shaft:Click on the mound of snow (and if you look carefully, a mini house sort-of-thing) just above The Plaza

If you didn’t get me, just look at this picture, you’ll get every room!

And here’s some info on every room!

1. Town: Known ls the town center, this is where you will first start off with your penguin. From here, there are three places you can go to–The Coffee Shop, The Night Club, and Gift Shop.

2. Plaza: The second part of the town. From here you can start a tour guide, or be a tour guide if you’re fourty-five days old. From here, there are two places you can go to–The Pet Shop, and Pizza Parlor. In the Pizza Palor, you can find the other good way to earn coins: Play Pizzatron 3000, one of the latest games! To read more on minigames, go to the top of this page!

3. Snow Forts: This place contains two snow forts for snowball fights. Recently, this has become the main place to check for the Penguin Standard Time (PST) because of the new clock tower.

4. Ice Hockey Ring: The offical ice hockey ring of club penguin. You may hit the puck in the middle by running towards it to get a goal. Theorically, ten goals is a win.

5. Ski Village: The village next to Ski Mountain. From here, you can go to two places–The Winter Sport Shop, and the Ski Lodge.

6. Ski Mountain: Also known as the Mountain, from here you can go to four ski runs agasint other penguins to win twenty, ten, or five coins depending on what place you end up in. Ridge Run is the hardest ski run, and counter-clockwise from that the ski runs get easier to Bunnyhill.

7. Docks: The offical docks of Club Penguin. From here you can play Ballistic Biscuit for coins.

8. Beach: The beach is home to the lighthouse. Once every two weeks Rockhopper shows up with his Ship Migrator and gives out free items.

9. Dojo: The Dojo is a sercet club penguin room high up in the mountains for a good hideout. There’s not much to really do there now.

10. Mines: The mines allows you to go to the Mine Shaft–along with various other places–to play Craft Surfer for coins. This is one of the best ways to get coins in Club Penguin!

11. Iceberg: The Iceberg is also a sercet place. There’s not much to do here either, but a lot penguins spend most of there time here to socialize.

12. Members’ Igloo: Once you click on this you’re given a list of penguin names. If you click on one of those names you will then go to the penguin’s house. Just about every day you’ll end up in a different house. If you’re a member you can also put your name on that list by opening your house.

Map and room info from martyd.

Extention Added:

Walking Around


Places to Go

There are a lot of places to visit in Club Penguin. Here is a list of them:

New places are always being added, so you never know what you might discover!

Waddle On!

-from Freeze602


Club Penguin Characters

Table of Contents:

Captain Rockhopper

Captain Rockhopper Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really meet Rockhopper?

Yes! Whenever his ship is docked at the Beach, you may be lucky enough to meet him. He likes to hang out on his ship. If you don’t find him there, ask around. He is a red penguin who wears the name Rockhopper and has a black beard and pirate hat. He considers himself a friend to everyone in Club Penguin and would love to meet you too.

Can I travel with Rockhopper?

Rockhopper is the captain of his own ship, and except for the addition of Yarr, he prefers to travel alone.

How can I find out more about Rockhopper?

Read his journal the next time he is in town. It is located on the bottom right corner of your screen when you are on board his ship. It is always docked at the Beach beside the Lighthouse.

Aunt Arctic

Aunt Arctic Frequently Asked Questions

Can I meet Aunt Arctic?

Aunt Arctic is very busy with her writing. You can’t meet her right now, but read her column and send her a question. She might just answer your question!

How do I send Aunt Arctic a question?

Go to Aunt Arctic’s column in the newspaper and click on the ‘send a question’ icon. Write your question in the message box and click send.

Can I write for the Penguin Times?

There are a few different ways penguins can contribute to the Penguin Times newspaper. Every week jokes, poems and riddles submitted by penguins are published. If you like drawing, you can submit a comic to be published. There are too many submissions to publish all of them, so only a selection will be used. To send a joke, poem, riddle or comic go to the last page of the newspaper and follow the instructions.

Puffle FAQ:


Table of Contents:

About Puffles

Types of Puffles

Adopting Puffles

Caring for Your Puffle

Caring for Your Puffle – Feeding

Caring for Your Puffle – Bathing

Caring for Your Puffle – Playing

Caring for Your Puffle – Resting

Caring for Your Puffle – Walking

Caring for Your Puffle – While you are out

Puffle Furniture

To buy furniture for your puffle, go to the pet shop (located in the Plaza).

The red catalog allows you to adopt a puffle.

Design and Decorate

Visitors Welcome


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