Good Clothing Combos!

Well, here are some really great clothing combonations that fit together well! (Blk.=black, Rd.=red, Gld.=gold, Bl.=Blue, Nklc=necklace, Helm.=Helmet, Stk.=Stick, Sngls.=Sunglasses, gls=glasses, Jkt.=Jacket, Gtr.=Guitar, Ggl.=Goggles, A.=Any, but I might not always use the shortcuts), for most, any Pin/Flag and Background is okay, but some are specially said to need to have specific pins/backgrounds/both

  1. Blue/red Ball Cap, Black/Red/Blue Sunglasses, Black/Purple/Pink Hoodie, Messenger Bag, Hockey Stick, Cowboy Boot
  2. Tiara, Snorkel, Yellow Scarf, Poncho, Acoustic/Electric Guitar, Yellow Sandal
  3. Any Hat, Black/Brown Glasses, Any Letterman Jacket, Messenger Bag, Any Guitar, Bunny Flipper
  4. Hockey Helmet, Any Snorkel, Backpack, And Hockey Jersey, Any Guitar, Flippers
  5. Any Viking Helm., Any Snorkel, Backpack, Rd./Bl. Jersey, Any Gtr., Flippers
  6. Hockey Helm., Snorkel, Backpack, Bl./Rd. Jersey, Acoustic Gtr., Flipper
  7. Bandana/Blue Captain Hat/Tricorn Hat, Eye Patch, Pirate Belt/Sailor Shirt, Friendship Bracelet, Pirate Boots, Pirate Pin, Sea Monster Background
  8. Any Viking Helm., Rd./Bl. Face Paint, Lighthouse T-Shirt, Backpack, Any Gtr., Ice Skates
  9. News Hat, Night Vision Ggl., Any Cape, Overalls, Acoustic Guitar, Flippers
  10. Viking Helm., Snorkel, Feathered Boa, Blue Polo Shirt, Cowboy Boots, Hockey Stk.
  11. Bl./Rd. Face Paint, Lighthouse T-Shirt, Backpack, Hockey Stk., Ice Skates, Chef Hat
  12. Bunny Ear Hat, Rd./Bl. Face Paint, Hawaiian Lei/Whistle/Bandana, Water Wings, Inflatable Duck, Ice Skates/Pirate Boots
  13. Bl./Rd. Face Paint, Pendant, Grass Skirt, Lasso, Yellow Sandal, Any Viking Helm.
  14. Blk. Cowboy Hat, Blk. Sunglasses, Overalls, Lasso, Brown Slip-Ons, Any Cape
  15. Roman Soldier Helm./Any Viking Helm., 3-D Glasses, Blk. Hoodie, Electric Guitar, Star Necklace/Pearl Nklc./Any Cape, Blk./Bl. Sneakers, Canadian/USA Flag, Band Background
  16. Any Viking Helm., Any Face Paint, Pearl Nklc., Any Hockey Jersey, Hockey Stk., Flippers
  17. Sombrero, Snorkel, Green Letterman Jacket, Any Gtr., Messenger’s Bag, Ballet Slippers
  18. Any Viking Helm., Any Snorkel, Any Letterman Jacket, Backpack, Any Guitar, Ballet Slippers
  19. Tiara/Princesss’ crown (yes, Princesss’ Crown is from the April 2006 Catalogue!), A. Snorkel, A. Scarf, A. Polo T-Shirt, A. Gtr., Ballet Slippers
  20. Top Hat, Ballet Suit, Pendant, Hockey Stk., Yellow Sandals
  21. A. Ball Cap, A. Letterman Jacket, Backpack, Acoustic Gtr., A. Gls., A. Sneakers
  22. Sombero, A. Snorkel, Green Letterman Jacket, Pearl Nklc., Blue Duffle Coat, Cowboy Boots, Pom-Poms
  23. A. Viking Helm., Life Jacket, Blue Cape, Hockey Stk., Flippers
  24. Top Hat, A. Sunglasses+Glasses, Suit and Jacket, Tie, A. Watch/Cane, A. Sneakers
  25. Blue Captain Hat, Ghost Sheet, Fairy Wings, Red Sunglasses, Electric Guiatar, Hawaiian Lei, Electric Guitar, Clown Shoes

I’ll Post the rest later!

Waddle On!

-from Freeze602


4 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Crimpolene  |  March 11, 2007 at 10:23 am

    What is a poncho? I suppose i came too late, i didn’t start until october 06.

  • 2. Sapphire  |  March 25, 2007 at 10:53 pm

    i no a good combanation i THINK i made
    itspink dress,wings,want,ballet shoes,the really bif crown with a ruby on it, and b pink NOTE:BOYS NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER TRY THIS U WILL GET BANNED 4 BEING LIKE A GIRL AND BIN SO UGLY (Maby u willl get razor shot JOKE!)

  • 3. Sapphire  |  March 25, 2007 at 10:55 pm

    P.S. i forgot 2 add i the feather boa

  • 4. Angel frost  |  August 19, 2007 at 4:28 pm

    i think all girl penguins should where a crown


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