The April Fools Day ’08 Is Excellent!

March 28, 2008 at 5:57 am Leave a comment

I have not been appreciated by parties so much since the last two summer parties (07, 06)! Truly I tell you! It is very wonderful, and far better then past AFD Parties. But, however, my feelings are mixed, for the BROUGHT BACK THE OH-SO-RARE Red Propeller Cap!!! So, in a way, I am also sad (for my friend who has it, but he kinda quit, so don’t worry). Almost all rooms are decorated, so I must make a list of all the wonderful designs! Before I do that, the Swirly Glasses (nothin’ interesting) and the Red Prop. Cap is at the Ski Village! Here is the decor list (THE LOCATION OF THE PIN IS LISTED BELOW! PLEASE READ!):

Town areas: Town is as is, all of the coffee shop looks like its been drawn sloppily by a little kid in a hurry (your penguin stays the same), and the Dance Club is…well pixely…and instead of Thin Ice and Astro Barrier upstairs, there is Thinicetrobarrier! Its like AB, but it just shoots from a flaming-hot black puffle instead of a boring old ship (no Thin Ice for the party)! Well…thats great, and the Gift Shop…well…heh heh…sketchy-ish brown…thats all I can say!

Plaza Areas: Both the Pet Shop and the Pizza Parlor look kinda like its been cut out from colored Styrofoam sort of thing (might want to check it out yourself) the Theatre is as is.

Ski Villa Area: Ski Villa is as is except there is a box with items and instead of a chairlift you see polka-dotted underpants…the Ski Lodge is extremely pixel like (more than Dance Club) and the Sports Shop is color inverted (MS Paint anyone?)…the Ski Mountain is left as is.

Mine Areas+Secret Areas: All Underground (including Boiler Room) is left as is, and the Mine Shaft is whit with like a connect-the-dot thing(YOU MUST DO THE CONNECT THE DOT TO REVEAL THE OLD MINE SHAFT THEN THE PIN WILL APPEAR IN THE METAL TUBE OF THE MINE SHACK!!!)…Iceberg is like a REAL PHOTO of a bucket of ice, and you slide like in the Ice Rink! Dojo is IDENTICAL as last year (probably by great request) and…thats it for this area!

Dock+Lighthouse Areas: Dock is BASICALLY MY BEST FAVORITE IN ALL OF CP HISTORY IT IS SO GOOD I CAN’T IMAGINE YOU CAN SEE HOW I EXPRESS THIS WITH THE CAPS AND ALL IT IS SO GOOD!!! If you go to there, you gain super-speed and its really weird (lasts only for this room). The Lighthouse is like the original sketch of the beta pre-release sneak peak at the lighthouse, and same with the Beacon, and also the Band area is added with a sticky note (prolly because it was added later). Also, the telescope, when looked through, looks kind of like a Kaleidoscope (those telescope-like things, when you put them to your eye and twist them, they give you patterns). Beach is as is except the Lighthouse picture is kinda like a torn piece of paper (all other rooms with special designs kind of give you a similar theme with the interior of the house/building).

Cove/Forest Area: Cove is as is, with the Swirly Glasses item, and heh…the Forest is Upside-Down-Down!

Snow Fort/Rink Area: The Snow Fort looks like its been sabotaged lately and the Ice Rink is left as is.

I think thats about it!

Agent 602 Signing Out!

PS There are some fun pop-ups you might wanna find yourself!


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