Paint By Letters: Burnt Out Bulbs Secret

March 22, 2008 at 5:03 am Leave a comment

I kinda read this off of Watex’s blog so I would just like to give some credit to him before I begin with this walkthrough. This walkthrough will tell you about how to find all 7 of the secret coins and get the extra 280 coins, and the 300 bonus for all bonus found, totaling 800 coins. Here we go! And you can switch from this guide to the game at anytime if you forget, because if you didn’t already know, it doesn’t matter what your WPM (words per minute) is. Here you go, and have fun!

On the first page, right after you type the phrase “all the lights burned out”, click and hold onto the puck and flick to the left, right off the page, causing it to go out of the page and reflect back, bringing a bonus coin. Click on it, finish the page, and before you do ANYTHING, mouse over to the upper left corner of the picture, causing the hidden coin to appear, click on it, finish, and continue to the 3rd page. On the third page, click on the lid of the piano as soon as it appears and fling upwards, making the lid open, revealing a coin right behind the handle. Finish, and keep going to the 4th page. On the fourth page, type to the part where the clock appears, then click on the door where the bird comes from, it pops out, and when it does, INSTANTLY, AND I MEAN IMMEDIATELY, click on the coin below its chin before it disappears, oh, and just a reminder that you MUST, AND I MEAN MUST, PICK THE OPTION FOR THE DJ IN THIS GUIDE IN ORDER FOR THIS TO WORK!! Next, you proceed to the hardest part! Here’s what you do: in this scene, there is a penguin standing there in the attic on top of a wooden floorboard (it appears as if he/she is standing on one, but when you drag the first board, there follows 3 more). There are four of them, so flick them each in this respective order: right, left, up, and down. Remember, it MUST be done in this order! Then, click on the coin that reveals itself in the lower right of the ground! If it does not work the first time, try a few more times! On the next page, if you picked the DJ, simply click on all of the 6 dance floor tiles until the colors match the first 6 tiles of the puffle picture (not the puffle itself, but the background of each tile). If done properly, the tile door will open and reveal a coin! On the last page (at least, the last page with a coin), type until the end (when the lights start flashing colors) then, DO NOT turn to the next page yet, instead, click on the hockey circle beside the penguin, lift it up a bit (DO NOT FLING IT) and quickly click on the coin stuck to the bottom of the circle. Turn to the final page and finish it. If done properly, you will get the full 800 coins! This will be posted on the CP Helper.

Update: Video walkthrough now posted on CP Helper.

Agent 602 Signing out!


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