I’ve Probably Lost 98% of my Viewers by Now But…

Hi guys…its me, freeze602 here…I’m terribly sorry that I haven’t posted in such a long time, and tell you the truth, I don’t know if thats a good thing or a bad thing. On one hand, if its a bad thing, its because if I want to get this site back up and running, I’m going to need to do some major work and advertising, not to mention MAJOR updates on the Item Database…on the good side, by now, I’ve probably lost most of my CP playing viewers…yes…I know what your thinking. Why on earth would that be a GOOD thing and not a BAD thing. Well. This means that now that I’ve lost most of the people that play CP that are my viewers, this means I’m basically free to do anything I want with this blog. This means I could change the topic of this blog and I honestly wouldn’t lose any of my fans because…I don’t have any fans! If ANY of you people are still around, and probably not, I will take a poll. Here are the choices:

  1. I will not change the topic. I will make MAJOR updates and probably take a full well month to catch up completely.
  2. I will not change the topic. However, I will NOT do anything I missed, except I WILL update the Item Database…and I will find some kind of walkthrough for the newest mission.
  3. I will change the topic, COMPLETELY WIPING OUT ALL OF MY WORK, and change the name of the site to http://crazieshado.wordpress.com, because that is the real username that I use.
  4. I will change the topic, but instead use a seperate blog that I have to continue, keeping all the work here. It will be called http://crazieshado.wordpress.com and the topic will be Kongregate. HINT: THIS IS WHAT I AM VOTING FOR!

What you choose is what I will do, but if no one votes, I shall choose option 4.

Agent 602 Signin’ out!


July 17, 2008 at 9:23 pm 2 comments

Ship Update+New Game

Hi guys! There has been some great changes in CP lately, and here they are.

First things first, major updates on the ship. There is now a crow’s nest, and every once in a while, it fires this really powerful snowball (which, should actually melt the instant it goes boom). The ship’s hold and Rockhopper’s room is also open now, the key is in the book published in the Book Room, last page of the Rockhopper journal. You can wear it as a pin, too (yay)! Also, there is this new game called Treasure Hunt or whatever, and it is a multiplayer. Basically Player one sweeps one row of sand away to try and find treasure, while Player 2 does it vertically. Here are the values:

  • Coin-Value: 1 coin Grid Space: 1 grid spaces
  • Ruby-Value: 25 coins Grid Space: 4 grid spaces
  • Emerald (Jackpot)-Value: 100 coins! Grid Space: 8/4 (?) grid spaces

Well, clearly, Emeralds are quite rare. Each player gets 6 “digs” a game, so getting 100 coins+ would certainly be sweet. You can easily get close to how much you get in Cart Surfer, but not more. I have suspicion this game is only open for when the ship is here, but I hope they “move” a couple game boards to the HQ like they did to Mancala to the Book Room. Anyway, its certainly a good game.

Crow’s Nest:

New Game:

Notice Board:

Key Location+Books:

Well, yea. And this is gonna be published in the CP Helper too (the game)

The pin is in the Ski Village, its on the ground beside the ski hill, it is a Treasure Chest.

Agent 602 Signing out!

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New Mission and…Clock Tower is at Thanksgiving!

Hey guys! The new mission is out and I just came to give you the video…will be on CP Helper.

The clock tower has gone mad and now displays random messages like the formula for the p of a triangle, the famous Einstein equation E=mc squared, and the exact value of π, random dates, and such. The cuckoo clock in the Ski Lodge has also gone mad as well, bird coming out every half second!

In other news, Rockhopper is rowing back!

Agent 602 Signing out!

PS How’d you like the new mission ready icon? There will be one for updates and other stuff too!

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New Igloo Out!

Well, I can’t exactly say I’m upset with the way they made the igloo, but I’m definitely not happy with it either. Ok, so its not multi-floored, but its got 2 floors, and the garden looks pretty big, the dirt area looks pretty cool, and its the first time they’ve ever really put the door in a different place (for the snow igloos)…Overall its a pretty good igloo, 4/5 for me!

So, again it was too big to turn out with good graphics. Definitely a decent igloo, haven’t had such a good one for awhile.

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New Igloo and Mission VII Sneak Preview

Hi guys! I just visited the CP Official Blog, or CP Community: What’s New, and I found out they’ve got some new stuff comin’ up. First I’ll show you the New Igloo Preview (I hope its a multi-story igloo-tower):

blog April 16-2.png

Its pretty much surely multi story, the grass gives a hint of a garden…? Now for Mission VII Sketch (my favorites, really):


And they said that it contains rooms that you’ve never seen IN A MISSION before, so don’t be disappointed if its just something like the Gift Shop or something. Well, leave a comment to tell me your guesses!

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Revised Quality!

I’ve just figured out a great way to take pictures and edit them fast, efficiently, and with good quality. So future pictures that you see may have better quality!!!

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Wow…I’ve seen lately on the Painted Puffles page commenting and saying, ooh! The Yellow Puffle is real, and such. Well, I really don’t need your reminder, any person who blogs about CP should be concious enough to know that the Yellow Puffle came to existance more then a quarter of the year before!!! But look, I’ve got a huge blog with so many pages you can’t count ’em at a glance! Really guys, gimme a break, and unless you really think I’m mistaken of something thats been gone for A LONG time (ie 1 year or more), or some big detail that I missed. Please, just only comment about reminding me if you really think I didn’t know.

Agent 602 Signing out!

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